A society that is just, peaceful and humane, develops in a sustainable and equitable manner.


Centre for Development strives to work with the oppressed, exploited and deprived communities, inculcate values of equality, justice and fraternity, and empower them through mobilization, education and advocacy networking.


Centre for Development (CfD) was established in 1996, to address the issue of child labour in the poorer areas of Ahmedabad city. Sustained efforts of CfD got these children back to school. This process deepened our understanding that there were no easy solutions to child labour; it is intricately linked to urban poverty, displacement and violence. For years, the poor in Gujarat have been reeling under the impact of recurring communal violence, unemployment and impoverishment, and the continuous eviction and displacement of slum dwellers in urban areas. For CfD, it has been a long journey that began with formal education for urban poor children culminating in the engagement with rights and issues of vulnerable groups. The ambit of our work thus expanded to work with women, youth, and other critical stakeholders on issues like human rights, violence against women, peace and communal harmony through the formation of two community-based organizations.


CfD's goal is to work with vulnerable and marginalised groups of the community in urban and rural Gujarat and empower them holistically.
The strategies adopted are:

  • Initiate Education Centres for children to teach, coach and protect them.
  • Enable women and youth to secure sustainable livelihood options.
  • Organize women to counter gender based violence socially and legally.
  • Creating meaningful mutual engagements of youth from different religions for the common good, lasting peace and harmony.
  • Community-led advocacy for basic human amenities and entitlements to aid development. This is focused on food security, shelter, and right to education.

These holistic efforts are aimed at providing a safe and conducive environment for the groups to challenge and work around their vulnerabilities, thereby empowering them and creating their own identity in the society.

Areas of Work