Ansari Gazala Mo.Yunus [IND0009980]

IND0009980 – Ansari Gazala Mo.Yunus

Ansari Gazala

IND0009980 – Ansari Gazala Mo.Yunus

Ghazalas is 15-year-old beautiful girl, studying in 10th standard at St. Xavier’s High School, Mirzapur Ahmedabad. Ghazala is good at her studies and that is the reason her mother has shifted her from St. George School, Vatva, Ahmedabad to St. Xavier’s School. St. Xavier is a well-known school of Ahmedabad. Ghazala has always dreamt to studying in a big school.   Ghazala goes to school in the morning and has her tuition classes in the afternoon.

Ghazalas lives with her mother. Earlier they use to live in Fyzal Park, Vatva – a colony established by NGO after 2002 riots. But as St. Xavier’s school was quite far from that place, her mother decided to shift to Khanpur area which is close to St. Xavier’s school. They live in a two room house which is owned by Ghazala’s maternal uncle and thus they don’t have to pay rent of the house, which in a way gives strength to Ghazala’s mother to continue her study.

Ghazala lost her father in 2002 riots. Ghazala was only 3 years old at that time. Ghazala ‘s mother was not able to take the trauma and she went into depression, it took her years to come out of the depression. Impact of the long time depression can be seen as she cannot remember or recognise many things even today, because of which she was never able to learn the traditional embroidery  work from her mother in law. Presently Ghazala’s mother does small stitching work but not the traditional embroidery work and earns much lesser than what she could have earned.

Ghazala’s mother have received compensation amount for her father’s death. Some money of compensation was utilized by Ghazala’s grandmother but fortunately her mother was able to save some and buy a small shop. Which later on she gave on rent at Rs 3000/- per month, so that with the money of rent she and her daughter can survive. Along with that Ghazala’s mother does stitching work from which she earns around 2500 to 3000 Rs per month.  They earn around 6000/- per month from the rent and stitching work are able to live their life with dignity and able to cope with medical expenses if any.

Ghazala’s grandmother and uncle never wanted her to study in English medium school as according to them it’s too expensive. But Ghazala’s mother wanted her daughter to study in English medium school as she knew that her daughter is very intelligent, she also didn’t want her daughter to be in the situation where she is today.

Ghazala says that she wants to be an IAS officer and “Change India” – I don’t want it to happen with other what has happened with me. I want each and every child of India to study and do whatever they want to do in life.


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