Success Stories

Pathan Arbaz Aiyubkhan [IND010011]
IND010011 - Pathan Arbaz Aiyubkhan

Pathan Arbaz Aiyubkhan (IND010011) Arbaz , a 15-year old boy is studying in standard 10th. He stays in a joint family with his mother and 2 sister, his elder sister in studying in 12 standard and his younger sister is studying in 6th standard. Arbaz’s father died due to cancer few years back, until the […]

Shaikh Gulfsa Arifahmed [IND001187]
IND001187 - Shaikh Gulfsa Arifahmed

Shaikh Gulfsa Arifahmed (IND001187) Gulfsa, is a confident girl. She is doing her 12th std from National School of Open Studies. She has to leave her regular school because she has always studied in Islamic school and her mother didn’t wanted her to study in co-education, so she decided to continue her studies from open […]

Shaikh Afrinbanu Iftekarbhai [IND001178]
IND001178 - Shaikh Afrinbanu Iftekharbhai

Shaikh Afrinbanu Iftekarbhai (IND001178) Afrinbanu, a young beautiful girl who always keeps smiling and thanking for sponsorship money she receives.  She says because of the sponsorship money me and my sister are able to study. Afrin is studying is in 10th standard. She lives with her mother and three sisters (2 elder and one younger). […]

Shaikh Md. Sajid Md. Yusuf [IND001168]
IND001168 - Shiakh Mo. Sajid Mo.Yusuf

Shaikh Md. Sajid Md. Yusuf  (IND001168) Sajid is doing his 2nd year of BCom from L.J. Commerce College, Ahmedabad. He is good in his studies. He lives in a joint family with his mother, brother, paternal aunt (fufi),uncle, aunt, and their three children. Sajid lives in his ancestral house which is very old and […]

Ansari Heena Sababahmed [IND001165]
IND001165 - Ansari Heena Sababahmed

Ansari Heena Sababahmed (IND001165) Heena is studying in 11th std. She studies in FD girls high School at Jamalpur. Heena lives with her 2 sisters and mother. Heena’s mother stitches readymade clothes and earns Rs. 3000-4000 per month. Heena’s one sister is a dropout and she is helping her mother in day to day work. […]