Category: One to One Support Program

Patel Firdausbanu Abdulrashid [IND 001161]

Patel Firdausbanu Abdulrashid (IND 001161) Firdaus stays in Jamalpur area of Ahmedabad . She is doing her second year BCA from Lokmanya College of Computer Application, Ahmedabad. During her childhood Firdausbanu had the kidney problem and she was treated in Civil Kidney Hospital for continuous 3 year. Even today she cannot do laborious work as […]

Pathan Farhad Arifaahmed [IND001001]

Pathan Farhad Arifaahmed (IND001001)   Farhad studies in 11th grade in Divan Ballubhai Vidhyalay. Farhad is very sincere in her studies, she wakes up early in the morning goes to school, come back home around 1.30 and then again goes for her tution classes at 4.00 pm. Her schedule is fixed a manner that whole […]

Sheikh Moh. Arbaz Samsuddin [IND000983]

Sheikh Moh. Arbaz Samsuddin (IND000983) Arbaz is a young man of 18 years. He has completed his 12th standard and is studying further. Arbaz lives with his mother and elder brother. Arbaz says after his father’s death he thought he will never be able to study and fulfil his dream of being an independent. Arbaz […]

Ayesha Sahejadbhai Saiyad [IND000975]

Ayesha Sahejadbhai Saiyad (IND000975) Ayesha is 10-year-old young girl. She lives in a small house with her big family which includes with her mother, grandparents, 2 elder brother, sister, sister – in – law and nephew. Ayesha’s father died in 2002 riots. 2002 riots also demolished their house. Government provided a temporary shelter which was […]

Shama Praveen Ansari [IND000970]

Shama Praveen Ansari (IND000970) Shama Praveen is a religious girl she does her Namaz regularly, she has a lot of belief in God and say God will always do good for her. Shama Praveen studies in grade 9. Shama stays in with her mother, elder brother, elder sister and her grandmother. Her grandmother does not […]

Ansari Gazala Mo.Yunus [IND0009980]

IND0009980 – Ansari Gazala Mo.Yunus Ghazalas is 15-year-old beautiful girl, studying in 10th standard at St. Xavier’s High School, Mirzapur Ahmedabad. Ghazala is good at her studies and that is the reason her mother has shifted her from St. George School, Vatva, Ahmedabad to St. Xavier’s School. St. Xavier is a well-known school of Ahmedabad. […]