Child Rights and Protection

Latest Activities - Child Help Desk

Education Centres:

CfD has initiated Education Centres (ECs) in the urban settlements as an interim strategy to provide a crucial service. These are transient arrangements for labouring children to get educated until a time that the advocacy efforts by the community leaders results in the establishment of a school in the area.ECs are characterized by a joyful learning pedagogy, but follow the mainstream curriculum. They have prevented the children from becoming child labourers and have developed a strong women’s organization that takes leadership on demands like basic amenities, dignified rehabilitation, and violence against women.

 Community efforts to highlight the abysmal conditions of the colonies have received significant media attention. The municipal authorities have noticed and have taken steps such as establishing a fair price shop for food grains, more water taps in the colony and a mobile health services van which comes periodically to these colonies. The lasting impact of CfD’s effort has been in terms of building of local capacities and strong people’s institutions. The priority issue taken up for advocacy by both these CBOs is the establishment of ICDS Aanganwadis and schools in the vicinity of these colonies, and also in the rehabilitation sites that the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) are building for these displaced families.

Civil Society Engagement:

  • CfD engages civil society in their education programs by educating them on the issues and getting them to volunteer.
  • Volunteers of CfD work to educate the affluent class regarding the plight of the children in the re-settlement colonies; the abysmal living conditions, devoid of human dignity and basic amenities.
  • CfD has also created a program where families can contribute old magazines and newspapers to help raise awareness for and fund these projects.
  • Civil society is regularly updated about the progress of the Kadam Education Initiative and the effort the community is making to further help.