IRI 2016 Pass students

Here is the detail of successful students who have cleared their 10th and 12th standard board exams in first attempt. These children are orphan and with struggle they reached to this destination. Islamic Relief India has provided uninterrupted sponsorship to make their dream real.


10th Board Exam


1). Pathan Siddiq Abdul Latif  48.34 PercentileIRI_2016_Stndt_01
Siddiq wants to become a police person. He feels that now a day police is an important person to maintain law and order situation. He is sponsored since August, 2013. In his family his mother and one elder brother are there, elder brother is the only earning member in family.


2). Pathan Faizan Raiskhan 40.24 PercentileIRI_2016_Stndt_02
Faizan faced struggle in completing his education till 10th. His family deserves his success in 10th, if he could not pass this exam he might have to drop his education. He wants to continue his education but also parallel he wants to work for part time to contribute to his family. He is sponsored since August, 2013.


3). Pathan Atikkhan HanifKhan 55.88 PercentileIRI_2016_Stndt_03
Atikkhan is a average student but serious about studies. According to him he is fit for business. So wants to take commerce stream and build his carries as businessman. He is firm to give back to society what ever he has received from society. He is sponsored since November, 2011.


4). Pathan Ilyas Yusufkhan 61.12 PercentileIRI_2016_Stndt_04
Iliyas is sponsored in July, 2007. He is quite string in his decisions and looks confident to get good score in 12th so he could get admission in better course and college. His family is not able to afford fees of private college, so his target is to get admission in Government College through high merit.


5). Shaikh Alfina AbdulRahim 40.62 PercentileIRI_2016_Stndt_05
She is sponsored in November, 2007 and hence she could continue her education. She is bright but has to look after her siblings, so could not paid more attention to studies. She is quite obedient and full with commitment.


6). Nayak Amisha Jagdishbhai 50.43 PercentileIRI_2016_Stndt_06
She is getting sponsorship since August, 2013.



12th Board Exam


7). Pathan Farhad Yusufkhan 99.51 PercentileIRI_2016_Stndt_07
Mother is Anganwadi helper, on eelder sister is doing sewing work. One elder brother is Hafiz. Farhad is very bright student of commerce. She wants to do Computed Engineering. As she got very good expected result her faith to achieve her goal of life is high.


8). Shaikh Nasreen 48.63 PercentileIRI_2016_Stndt_08
She is a student of commerce, coming from financially very poor family, living in jamalpur in a semipucca house in join family. Sponsorship is the only mean of her to continue her education. She has struggled lot to reach this stage and wants to complete graduation but family member are now thinking to marry her. She is getting sponsorship since March, 2007.


9). Ansari Heena Sadab Ahmed 85.70 PercentileIRI_2016_Stndt_09
Has taken science stream in B Group and want to go in medical field. She is excellent learner and committed to her goal. She is getting sponsorship since October, 2007. Mother is stitching cloths. Younger sister is studying but also helping her mother.


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