Aliyah Moriswala Altafahmed [IND001179]

Aliyah Mohriswala Altafahmed (IND001179)

IND001179 - Moriswala Aliyah Altafahmead

IND001179 – Moriswala Aliyah Altafahmead

Aliyah, a graduate in Computer Application with distinction, is working with Centre for Developmet and Child Welfare Officer in IRW One to One Sponsorship program.

Aliyah whose father died in 2002 riots was studying in class 3 and her sister was studying in class 6, both of them were too young to understand what is going on and what has happened to their father. Before her father’s death they use to live in joint family, but immediately after her father’s death her mother was forced to leave the house with her two small daughters. Aliyah’s mother went to her grandmother house, but as her grandmother’s condition was also not so strong she has to arrange for her own residence. Alliyah’s mother borrowed money from people and bought a small house.

After shifting to her own house first thing Aliyah’s mother did was to start working so that she can take care of her two daughters. Aliyah’s mother started stitching clothes and tuition classes for children of std 1 to 7. She worked hard to ensure that her daughter does not suffer and complete their education. Many people told her that don’t waste money on educating girls, better teach them something else so that whenever they get married they don’t let your name go down. But Aliyah’s mother was firm that she wanted her daughters to study and be independent and as a result she got us both admitted in private school.

In the year 2004, Aliyah’s sponsorship started worked as a reliever for her mother, because her tension of Aliyah’s education fees was reduced to an extent, with the sponsorship money she use to pay her school fees, tuition fees, transportation fees, stationary expenses from the sponsorship money. Apart from Aiyah’s fees she sometimes also uses to pay fees of her sister’s fees too from the same money.

Aliyah finished her school and got admission in Bachelor of Computer Application, mean while her sister was also doing her pharmacy. Aliyah says her mother has done and suffered alot for them. When she was doing her BCA her mother felled ill and she got operated, she was also suffering from lot of pain in her legs – as she used to stitch clothes for whole day. During those days they again have to go through financial crisis. That was the time when Aliyah decided to support her mother and started doing a part time job and also helping her mother in her tuition classes. She continued doing part time job till her last year of Second year of BCA. During the last year of BCA she resigned from her job and concentrated on her studies and scored distinction in graduation. In the meantime her sister was also set and started her job.

After she completed her BCA, Centre for Development offered her a job, she says “I was so excited that those who have supported me throughout my life for my studies is asking me to work with them. I took it as an opportunity to give back to the organization as well as society. And fortunately I am looking after the same project i.e. One to One Sponsorship program, because of which I am an independent educated girl today. I cannot imagine how my life would have been without the sponsorship money”.  Aliyah says dream of my life is to support at least one child in his/her education.


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