Ansari Heena Sababahmed [IND001165]

Ansari Heena Sababahmed (IND001165)

IND001165 - Ansari Heena Sababahmed

IND001165 – Ansari Heena Sababahmed

Heena is studying in 11th std. She studies in FD girls high School at Jamalpur.

Heena lives with her 2 sisters and mother. Heena’s mother stitches readymade clothes and earns Rs. 3000-4000 per month. Heena’s one sister is a dropout and she is helping her mother in day to day work.

Heena and her family use to stay at Sarkhej area. But in that area they use to suffer from problems like water logging, drainage etc. Even the condition of the neighbourhood was not suitable for girls and was affecting Heena’s studies as she was afraid of going to tuition or school alone. Thus Heena’s mother who is having three daughters decided to shift to a safer place.

Heena’s mother says we had some saving from the sponsorship money, which I used in taking a house in a safer place i.e. near by my brother’s house, so at least when I am going out for some work my girls are safe and there are someone to take care of them.  Heena’s mother says if I would not had sponsorship money I would have asked Heena to stop her studies and help me, because I would never want my daughter to go to school in an unsafe environment. Also my tension for arranging for her fees has totally gone, now I just have to go to the bank and withdraw money to pay her school and tuition fees. I also use this money sometimes to pay school/tuition fees of my younger daughter. Even day to day medical expenses is taken care by this money.

Heena wants to complete her study and do a good job. She says she won’t allow her mother to work once she starts earning.


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