Ayesha Sahejadbhai Saiyad [IND000975]

Ayesha Sahejadbhai Saiyad (IND000975)

IND000975 - Saiyad Ayesha Sahejadbhai

IND000975 – Saiyad Ayesha Sahejadbhai

Ayesha is 10-year-old young girl. She lives in a small house with her big family which includes with her mother, grandparents, 2 elder brother, sister, sister – in – law and nephew.

Ayesha’s father died in 2002 riots. 2002 riots also demolished their house. Government provided a temporary shelter which was in a open field for 12 months Ayesha and her family has stayed in temporary shelter in an open field. After 12 months they were house by Sifa Charitable trust at Sidikabad Colony. But the locality of Sidikabad was not safe for Ayesha and her sister, also house was too small for them to manage. Thus they shifted in a rented place.

Ayesha’s mother and the elder brother are earning member of the family. Her brother dropped his studies to help her mother in surviving their family because it was not possible for her mother to take care of so many people alone.

Ayesha’s education expenses is around 35000/- which includes school fees of  Rs 7000/- per annum and Rs 24000/-  tution fees, travel and other expenses. Her mother says she wanted Ayesha also to dropout because it was impossible for her to manage school fees, tution fees and the other household expenses. But because of the sponsorship money she is able to manage studies of not only Ayesha but also of her other 2 children.


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