Patel Firdausbanu Abdulrashid [IND 001161]

Patel Firdausbanu Abdulrashid (IND 001161)

IND001161 - Patel Firdusbanu Abdulrashid

IND001161 – Patel Firdusbanu Abdulrashid

Firdaus stays in Jamalpur area of Ahmedabad . She is doing her second year BCA from Lokmanya College of Computer Application, Ahmedabad. During her childhood Firdausbanu had the kidney problem and she was treated in Civil Kidney Hospital for continuous 3 year. Even today she cannot do laborious work as she gets tired easily.  So her mother does not allow her to do laborious work, she just want her to study

Firdaus lives with her mother and two brothers. Firdaus’s mother applies mehdi in the hands of women during festivals, marriage or other occasion, it’s a seasonal business and income too depends on the availability of work. Her elder brother is a trainee in garage he receives stipend of Rs 1000/- per month.  They manage their livelihood in little bit of earning with her mother and brother does, sometimes Firdaus’s maternal grandparents support them by providing household materials like grain and flour.

Firdaus lives in a small house of one room kitchen, the house is so small that one cannot sleep straight in that house. Walls of house are damaged and it leaks in raining season. Firdaus’s house does not have a bathroom and toilet. She uses bathroom and toilet of her maternal uncle’s house, who is also her next door neighbour.

When we asked Firdaus how do you manage your studies in this house, she said you will not find my book in my house, all my books are at my uncle’s place, I study there, and I come to my house just to sleep.  Firdaus says her mother didn’t want her to study after 12th and want her to help her in the day to day activity. But she insisted her and told her that I want to study further and do my Bachelors in Computer Application (BCA). Her mother allowed her to do but told her that we cannot effort tuition classes for you nor we can provide you a computer a home in which you can practice. Firdaus agreed to all her terms and condition and started her BCA and in her first year she has scored 1st class.

Firdaus mother says fees of BCA is too high, its Rs. 18000 per year (9000 per semester). But because of the sponsorship money it’s possible to pay for her course and books. Firduas wants to do her MCA, her mother says fees for MCA will be Rs 2 lakhs per her. I don’t know how we will manage that, but I hope my daughters dream come true.


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