Pathan Arbaz Aiyubkhan [IND010011]

Pathan Arbaz Aiyubkhan (IND010011)

IND010011 - Pathan Arbaz Aiyubkhan

IND010011 – Pathan Arbaz Aiyubkhan

Arbaz , a 15-year old boy is studying in standard 10th. He stays in a joint family with his mother and 2 sister, his elder sister in studying in 12 standard and his younger sister is studying in 6th standard.

Arbaz’s father died due to cancer few years back, until the time he was alive he was the only earning member of the family. His mother was a housewife. During his father illness, they have spent lot of money on his treatment but were not able to save him. For the treatment of his father they also borrowed money from many people. Which Arbaz mother later on had returned from doing stitching work. Presently his mother is the only earning member of the family. They stay in a joint family but did not have any financial support from his grandparents or uncle. His mother has to take care of their studies and all other expenses.

After a long sickness and death of Arbaz’s father his mother has to go out and start working. Initially, they faced a lot of problems both at their home and school. Taking care of three children, fulfilling their basic needs and also paying school fees was not easy for his mother. His mother came to know about the sponsorship from few members of the community, approached the organization and was selected for the sponsorship.

Arbaz’s mother says I have applied for Arbaz’s educational support, I receive sponsorship only for Arbaz’s but I manage in such a way that from sponsorship I take care of three children’s educational needs. Apart from that I also take care of Arbaz medical needs, he has weakness and has to take iron tablets on regular basis, with his money I also provide good and healthy food to Arbaz so he can remain healthy and study hard.

Arbaz’s mother have struggled a lot in personal life but have always told her children to study and be an independent person, she don’t want them to be helpless as she was when her husband died.

Arbaz say’s my house is too small, it’s difficult for us to manage, but we don’t have any other option. He wants to complete his education, work and earn lot of money so he can buy a new big house for his mother and sisters.


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