Pathan Farhad Arifaahmed [IND001001]

Pathan Farhad Arifaahmed (IND001001)


IND001001 - Pathan Farhad Arifaahmed

IND001001 – Pathan Farhad Arifaahmed

Farhad studies in 11th grade in Divan Ballubhai Vidhyalay. Farhad is very sincere in her studies, she wakes up early in the morning goes to school, come back home around 1.30 and then again goes for her tution classes at 4.00 pm. Her schedule is fixed a manner that whole day either she is at her school/tution or doing her homework and other studies. While asking her that she does not spend time with her friends, she says books are my friend and I enjoy being with them.

Farhad stays in a small house with her mother, 2 sister and a younger brother. Her mother is an anganwadi helper who earns 2200/- per month. One of her elder sister has dropped out of school to help her mother in household work and her second elder sister is studying in 2nd year of college.

Farhad has a small house i.e. a single room and a kitchen. Farhad says she does not like her house as she does not have a separate room, where she can study peacefully. As in a single room 5 member of her family stay also the Anganwadi is running in her own house. As its a very old house they face water leakage problem too in rainy season. So she says I don’t get my privacy as well as space where I can live with my books. 5 members stay in this small house.

Farhad a small girl living in a small house have the big dream of becoming a Charted Accountant, she is good at her studies so her mother says I am hopeful that she will definitely fulfil her dreams. She also says its possible only because of the sponsorship money, else I would not have allowed my daughters to study after 12th standard and would have told them to start working and earning so we can survive and live life with dignity.

Farhad say “I will be a big Charted Accountant one day, first thing which I will do after I start earning is buy a house with a separate room for myself, and secondly will support more and more children to study well and be independent”.

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