Saiyad Afreenbanu Imtiyazali [IND221524]

Saiyad Afreenbanu Imtiyazali (IND221524)

IND221524 - Saiyad Afreenbanu Imtiyazali

IND221524 – Saiyad Afreenbanu Imtiyazali

Afreen is studying in 2nd  standard. Afreen has scored 98 percent marks in her 1st standard. Afreen is staying with her paternal aunt and her family. Afreen’s father died before 9 years and her mother got married to someone else, she refused to keep Afreen with her.

Afreen’s anut adopted her and is taking care of her. Presently Afreen lives with her and other family members i.e. her uncle, their two children, aunt’s mother – in – law and sister – in – law. Afreen is not aware of her parents, she call her aunt as mother and uncle as father, her aunt’s family is her family. Afreen’s uncle (whom she calls father) is suffering from diabetes and fits, he use to drive Auto Rickshaw, but now since last 5 years he has stopped working because of ill health. Afreen’s elder brother workers in readymade garment company and her aunt (whom she call mother) make kites (which is a seasonal livelihood option)

When Afreen’s aunt adopted her and brought her to home she was suffering from severe cough and cold, when aunt took her to doctor he told them she will not survive and take her to Government hospital, but Afreen uncle took her to private hospital and provided her good treatment. Afreen’s treatment went for 3 years and now she is perfectly fine. But due to change in weather sometimes Afreen has to face problems.

Afreen’s Aunt has struggled a lot to keep her and to provide her all be facilities. She never wanted either Afreen or others to feel that she is not her child, so she use to work very hard. She says I use to do overtime so that I can earn more and didn’t want to put Afreen’s burden on anyone else nor wanted anyone to say that why are you taking care of your brothers daughter, send her back. Afreen’s aunt says when my husband was healthy he has always supported me and we use to manage things well.

With the sponsorship money now she can take care of Afreen’s education and other requirement, she didn’t have to rely on anyone else. She says, “now Afreen has her own money, which she can use on herself”. Afreen’s aunt has given her brother’s death certificate in Afreen’s school so she has been exempted from paying fees, but other expenses like tuition fees, madrasa fees, transportation fees, stationary expenses and expenses during festivals are taken care by the sponsorship money.

Afreen’s Aunt is also saving some money for Afreen’s future, so if something happens to her and her uncle at least she will have some saving to take care of herself. She also says that Afreen is very intelligent and I don’t want to waste her intelligence by not providing her education.


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