Shaikh Afrinbanu Iftekarbhai [IND001178]

Shaikh Afrinbanu Iftekarbhai (IND001178)

IND001178 - Shaikh Afrinbanu Iftekharbhai

IND001178 – Shaikh Afrinbanu Iftekharbhai

Afrinbanu, a young beautiful girl who always keeps smiling and thanking for sponsorship money she receives.  She says because of the sponsorship money me and my sister are able to study.

Afrin is studying is in 10th standard. She lives with her mother and three sisters (2 elder and one younger). Her younger sister is mentally disabled and someone or other has to be taking care of her. She mother and her elder sister does stitching work based on which their manage their household. Presently her mother has stopped doing stitching work because of her ill health and she takes care of her younger sister. The only earning member of Afrin’s family is her elder sister.

After Afrin’s father’s death Afrin’s uncle (father’s elder brother) was supporting them by providing money as and when needed, but he too has passed away few years back. Thus now they themselves have to manage everything.

Afrin says mine education and food expenses are taken care by the sponsorship money, at the same time my elder sister’s education expenses are also taken care by the same money. My mother manages it well.

Afrin want to finish her studies soon, she says “EK SAATH JALDI JALDI SAB PURA HO JAYE” so she can start earning and help her mother and sister. According to her, her elder sister has suffered a lot to fulfil their dreams of studying. She wants her mother and sister to take rest once she starts earning.


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