Shaikh Gulfsa Arifahmed [IND001187]

Shaikh Gulfsa Arifahmed (IND001187)

IND001187 - Shaikh Gulfsa Arifahmed

IND001187 – Shaikh Gulfsa Arifahmed

Gulfsa, is a confident girl. She is doing her 12th std from National School of Open Studies. She has to leave her regular school because she has always studied in Islamic school and her mother didn’t wanted her to study in co-education, so she decided to continue her studies from open school.

Gulfsa has a small family i.e. her mother and an elder sister (who is now married). Presently Gulfsa is staying with her maternal grandmother and uncle. They live in her grandmother’s house. Gulfsa mother is an Anganwadi helper, who earns Rs 2300 per month. Her mother is the only earning member of the family. Gulfsa help her mother in day to day domestic activities.

Gulfsa’s father died when she was one year old, he died during Ramzan due to heart attack. After her father’s death condition of her house became worst, as he was the only earning member of the family. They have never imagined a life without him, her mother never use to go out of house for anything when he was live. But suddenly after his death her mothers have to go out and search for a job so that she and her children can survive. Gulfas’s grandmother provided them shelter and her mother got job in Anganwadi because of which they managed their life.

Before the sponsorship started Gulfsa was studying in Islamic school, after completing 7th standard she was suppose to go to mainstream school and a co education school, but her mother didn’t wanted her to go to coeducation school, because she was worried about safety of her daughters and at the same time it was difficult to her mother to fulfil all their needs.

Gulfsa always wanted to study so after she got selected for the sponsorship she decided to join the National School for open studies. She got admission and now she has started studying again. She is working hard as in open school there are no classes, one has to study on her own.

Gulfsa says you are an angel send by god to fulfil dreams of children like us. She says she want to study well and be independent, she want to earn and help her mother out and wants to buy a good house for her mother.


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