Shaikh Md Faizan Rafiqmiya [IND001181]

Shaikh Md Faizan Rafiqmiya (IND001181)

IND001181 - Shaikh Faizan Rafiqmiya

IND001181 – Shaikh Faizan Rafiqmiya

Faisan a young smart confident boy is studying in the second year of college, he is doing his graduation from commerce and want to do his master’s in commerce.  He lives with his mother, elder brother and sister – in – law. His brother works in a call centre and mother is working as an Anganwadi helper.

When his father expired he and his brother were too young and the entire responsibility of his family was on his mother. She didn’t receive any support from his grandparents. Later on his mother got a job in Anganwadi as the helper. The salary of a helper is too less, she use to manage things with a lot of difficulties. Even though she promoted both of us to study, she always uses to say, if you will study you will get a good job and also earn well. Then I will be a proud mother and once you both start earning I will take the rest. She faced difficulty in paying our fees also.

One day Maulana of our area informed my mother about the sponsorship program, my mother didn’t waste time and immediately approached the organization. I got selected for sponsorship, it was a relief for my mother and myself too as now I will able to study as educational expenses will be taken care by the sponsorship money. I started receiving sponsorship money when I was in class 8th.

Today we are happy as mostly all members of our family is earning, we are financially sound and I hope I fulfil all the dreams of my mother and myself.


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