Shaikh Md. Sajid Md. Yusuf [IND001168]

Shaikh Md. Sajid Md. Yusuf  (IND001168)

IND001168 - Shiakh Mo. Sajid Mo.Yusuf

IND001168 – Shiakh Mo. Sajid Mo.Yusuf

Sajid is doing his 2nd year of BCom from L.J. Commerce College, Ahmedabad. He is good in his studies. He lives in a joint family with his mother, brother, paternal aunt (fufi),uncle, aunt, and their three children. Sajid lives in his ancestral house which is very old and belongs to four brother of his father. But presently Sajid’s family and his uncle’s family stays in the ancestral house. Condition of the house is very bad, walls are damaged, terrace of the house is made up of tin which leaks in the rainy season.

Sajid’s brother use to work in readymade garment factory, but due to the recession in the market he lost his job, presently he drives Auto Rickshaw. Sajid’s mother use to do stitching work at home, but now due to her age and pain in legs she have stopped doing it now.

Sajid has an elder sister, who is now married. Both Sajid and his elder sister use to study in Municipal School till class 7th.  After 8th standard Sajid started going to private school. After Sajid’s father’s death, his mother and brother use to take care of the house. So Sajid always uses to hesitate to demand things from his mother because he knew the condition of his mother and he knew how she was taking care of the house, as well as studies of his sister and him.

Sajid started receiving sponsorship 8 years before, which made his life little easy. As all his educational expenses like his fees, uniform, stationary, books etc were now taken care by his sponsorship money. He started feeling relaxed that at least burden of his educational expenses are now not to his mother, she can now use that money for some other work.

Sajid’s mother says she has used sponsorship money for Sajid’s education. She also says that this sponsorship money has supported her in her daughter’s marriage too. She didn’t have to go to other and ask for money.

Sajid has now started doing a part time job in call centre and supporting his family financially. He says he wants to study and work so he can repair his house and help his brother.


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