Shaikh Naziya AbdulMajeed [IND219496]

Shaikh Naziya AbdulMajeed (IND219496)

IND219496 - Shaikh Naziya Abdulmajeed

IND219496 – Shaikh Naziya Abdulmajeed

A class 10th student Naziya lives with her mother, two elder brothers and her grandmother. Naziya’s elder brother is doing his BCom and her younger brother is studying in class 11th. They live in a small house and faces problems like water, drainage etc.

Naziya’s father died due to the heart attack when Naziya was too young. Her mother does labour work – she makes kites, as it’s a seasonal work her elder brother support her, he does part time job in a scrap shop. Both mother and elder brother manages the household expenses with their earning. Naziya support’s her mother in household work as well as helps her in making kites whenever she has time.

Naziya’s mother says that initially she has to face a lot of financial problem as all her three children were young and were in schools. She uses to borrow money to pay their fees. But now as Naziya have started receiving sponsorship it’s a great help, she pays school, tuition and transportation fees of Naziya at the same time she saves money and pays fees of his son’s school too. She sometimes also uses the saving for taking care of household expenses, especially during the time when she does not have any earning. Just because of the sponsorship money she has got the strength to continue Naziya’s studies.

Naziya has a dream to become a Software Engineer. She is good at her studies, as that the reason her mother and brother want her to complete her education and also prays that her dream come true. She says the first thing she will do after completing her education is work and earn the lot of money so that she can help her mother and will not allow her mother to do anything. She also wants to buy a new house where they don’t have to face any problems related to water or drainage.

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