Shama Praveen Ansari [IND000970]

Shama Praveen Ansari (IND000970)

Shama Praveen Ansari (IND000970)

Shama Praveen Ansari (IND000970)

Shama Praveen is a religious girl she does her Namaz regularly, she has a lot of belief in God and say God will always do good for her. Shama Praveen studies in grade 9.

Shama stays in with her mother, elder brother, elder sister and her grandmother. Her grandmother does not keep well she has some neurological problem. But her mother still wants her to be with them as she takes cares of house and children specially Shama and her elder sister whenever she has to go out.

Shama’s father expired by cardiac arrest when she was too young. She says she has very few memories of him. Shama’s mother says she has suffered a lot in bringing up her child after her father’s death. The best thing that has happened was that before her father’s death he purchased a small house of them, so they didn’t have to rome around or stay in a rented place because they had a permanent place to live. Her mother says that taking care of three small children was not easy; she has faced many problem and especially financial problem, so she send her son to hostel in Hyderabad through relief committee. Initially Relief Committee was taking care of his studies, education and accommodation but later on they too started demanding money because of which she called her back. Somehow she managed his studies till 12th standard

Shama and her elder sister are focusing on their education, whereas her mother and brother take care of the house by doing labour work. Shama’s mother does stitching work at home and her brother is learning wiring work, as he is a trainee right now he just get stipend paid. Thus, her mother is the only earning member of the family.

Shama and her sister are good in studies so her mother and brother want them to study and be independent. Shama says that because of the sponsorship money my and my sister’s dream of becoming an independent profession will get fulfilled. As her mother sometimes also uses the money for her sister education. Shama’s mother says now I have to worry only about the household expenses and not about Shama’s educational expenses.


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