Sheikh Moh. Arbaz Samsuddin [IND000983]

Sheikh Moh. Arbaz Samsuddin (IND000983)

IND000983 - Shaikh Mo. Arbaz Samsuddin

IND000983 – Shaikh Mo. Arbaz Samsuddin

Arbaz is a young man of 18 years. He has completed his 12th standard and is studying further. Arbaz lives with his mother and elder brother.

Arbaz says after his father’s death he thought he will never be able to study and fulfil his dream of being an independent. Arbaz is the eldest son of the family he had the responsibility of taking care of his mother and brother. His mother does stitching work and takes care of the family with the little income of 2500-3000 Rs per month.

Arbaz feels that he is lucky enough that he got selected for sponsorship and was able to complete his schooling till 12th standard. Arbaz scored 56 percent mark in his 12th board exams. He says he would have scored more but because of his ill health during his exams made him score only 56 percent marks.

Arbaz always wanted to do something of his own. Today with the sponsorship money he has not only completed his school but has also initiated a small business, he has started a small of optical glasses shop in his house. Now he is a self-sufficient independent man, who takes care of her mother and younger brother. He also says my mother has done a lot for me now it’s my turn. I will take care of her and my brother.

He also has a dream that he will be a big man and will support orphan children in their educations, as I was.


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