Sanitary pad – Sokhi (Sakhi-Friend)

TitleAffordable Menstrual Pads for the marginalized women
Event Date
CategoriesKruti Livelihood and Vocational Skill Building

CfD started an innovative venture with the support of Indo-Global Social Service Society, New Delhi under SOUL-II project a unit for the making of affordable menstrual pads for engaging the women from the Valmiki community. Later on, the women from other financially backward sections were also trained and employed for the work.

The aim of the project is to make the women from the poor urban pockets employable and provide them sustainable alternative livelihood option. The making of the affordable sanitary pads would promote safe health and hygienic practices and provide alternative livelihoods for them!

After a structured training, they production centre women are making “Ultra Thin” (premium quality) menstrual pads. This is the only production centre in Gujarat where women are making pads manually by practicing all hygienic parameters like the Ultraviolet treatment makes pads more hygienic.

A total of 37 women have been trained, amongst them 13 women are engaged on full time basis in making sanitary pads.

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