Livelihood and Entrepreneurship skills

Financial support to restart livelihood after COVID-19 lockdown:

Post COVID-19, to restart the small business CfD provided interest free financial assistance to 6 families. While two women headed families had fear to vacate their houses for noty paying rent. Hence, thes etwo families were supported to pay rent and repay their outstanding loans which were taken from private money landers. This support helped them to restart their house based income generation work.

Sr#Name of beneficiaryAreaType of workAmount of financial assistance (in INRs.)
1.Najirkhan PathanVatva Fryums, Papad10,000
2.Majidkhan PathanRamolWelding machine10,000
3.Mahendra ZulahaGaneshnagar, PiplajToy making10,000
4.Thakor Zinaji MangajiGaneshnagar, PiplajVegetable vending10,000
5.Lodha MansinghGaneshnagar, PiplajSnacks stall10,000
6.Siraj ShaikhAbadnagar, DanilimdaPassenger Rickshaw repair10,000
7.Madhuben Parmar (widow and woman headed family)VadajTo pay house rent and repayment private loan40,000
8.Jetunben (widow, old age and womena headed family)Abadnagar, DanilimdaTo pay house rent and repayment private loan41,000

Sustainable livelihood is one of the biggest needs of all citizens- irrespective of rural or urban, caste or class barriers. Thus the most vulnerable segment is school dropout youth. These young people are not eligible to get job/work private or government sector due to lack of relevant education. Just education by itself is no longer sufficient to secure adequate income, without specific vocational skills training. Both types of youth are targeted in CfD’s intervening areas.

Urban Area – Kruti Livelihood program

Sr. No.Trade/Skill2008-20092010-20112011-2012Grand Total
1Sewing work0262603103100000336336
2Mobile phone repairing75122126527700021970289
3Hand Work and Embroidary0323201001000000132132
4Driving and Mechanic73104195031031791291
6Office Assistant/Front Desk Person213150151583745106575
7Electronice items280283903900067067
8Comupter Literacy0001866425000018664250
9Armature and Motor Rewinding0000003603636036
10Air conditioner and Refrigerator Repairing0000003603636036
Total         6337241357

Rural Area – Kruti Livelihood program

Sr. No.Trade/Skill2011-20122012-2013-2014Grand Total
1Sewing work02332332245347522686708
2Mobile phone repairing150154604661061
3Hand Work and Embroidary00001291290129129
5Office Assistant/Front Desk Person   1021411610214116
6Comupter Literacy1088919700010889197
7Khatli bharat01171170000117117
8Tractor repairing1201200012012
12Massonary work000101101
14Domestic Food Product0004182241822
Total      32312931616