Protection of Child Rights

Children and their rights are at the centre of all of CfD’s programs, trainings, awareness events, celebrations and campaigns.

Children’s Groups

CfD has formed children’s groups in every area that we work in, and we train these children on their rights, entitlements, how to demand their participation in decision making at home to village planning and arm them with protection mechanism available for their safety. Hundreds of children have been trained in rural and urban areas of Gujarat. Some of these children have continued to educate younger children now, voluntarily. In many villages these CGs become change agents for the entire village and make vulnerable spaces child friendly.

Child Help Desk

CfD has started the Child Help Desk (CHD) with the support of Childline India Foundation (CIF) at Kalupur Railway Station in Ahmedabad. CHD is a collective program by Ministry of Women and Child Development and Ministry of Railways in collaboration of CIF. An average of 25-30 children are rescued every month from Kalupur railway station, who need care and protection. These children reach here under various circumstances. From its inception in October 2016 to January 2019, a total of 650 children have been rescued.