Our Stories

Imran Munir 26-1-19

Imran was rescued by Child Help Desk team from Ahmedabad Railway Station on 26th January, 2019. Initially he told that, he was orphan living on Sabarmati Railway Station and begging. After counselling team found that he was ran away from Ajmer Child Care Institution and reached here. Missing Cell team was contacted and they too […]

Ganesh adopted boy

In the morning time 13th February, like every day trains were approaching Kalupur Railway Station of Ahmedabad Mega city. The life of railway station was regular. The team member of the Child Help Desk, Dhananjibhai was on duty and on his outreach activity. At parcel office on the platform no. 1, he found a small […]

Chandni Makwana

Chandni Makwana I am name is Chandni Makwana. My age is 16 years. I have two sisters. One is elder to me and the other is younger. I am in 10th grade. When I was three when my father left us. He lost his mental stability and now he is living as a homeless person […]

Mehzabeen Shaikh

Mehzabeen Shaikh My name is Mehzabeen Shaikh. I am from Bombay hotel. I have one elder sister and one younger brother. I live with my mother and siblings in a one room-kitchen-bathroom rental house. I was in 5th grade when I started working in a cottage factory. I used to fold cloths and pack the […]

Juveria Shaikh

Juveria Shaikh Juveria was 11 years old when she joined Kadam. She lost her father a few years. Her father died due to cancer. When she joined Kadam, we noticed that she was constantly inclined towards her mother. She used to hide behind her mother initially. After a couple of counseling session, we realized that […]