Peace and Harmony

CfD has learned and proved that peace and reconciliation effectively counters the politics of hatred at the micro-level with a message of peace and respect for diversity. All its efforts for peace-building have upheld the basic premise that there can be no peace without justice.

By fostering respect for religious and cultural diversity in children and youth in the ECs, schools and colleges, CfD has been able to break the longstanding segregation along communal lines. Concentrated efforts are made to bring these communities together through peace education modules across all our programs. The main principle is constant mutual engagement and pursuit of common interests.

Our youth are engaged through Knowledge Building Centres (KBCs), the hubs of interaction and awareness building. The KBCs provide excellent reading material at the local hang-outs of the youth, organize discussions, documentary film viewing, lectures by eminent persons on contemporary issues, joint campaigns for civic amenities and efforts to access government schemes – all contributing to their development. They also help young people re-discover the essence of secular living and an appreciation for diversity.

As a strategy to empower local community to collectively protect their fundamental rights and secure their entitlements, CfD has formed Jan Jagruti Samities (JJS), which bring change through educational inputs regarding the Indian Constitution, its values and the rights and duties it enshrines. These people become change makers in their respective villages and areas capable of countering hate and promoting peace and harmony.